On the road for a world without nukes

17th May - 04 June 2012
27th July 2011 - 20th August 2011
19th July 2010 - 26 November 2010 / January 2011
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Offener Brief an NATO-Generalsekretär Rasmussen
Übergabe in Brüssel am 4. Juni, vor einem Gespräch mit den NATO-Botschaftern von Deutschland, Belgien und den Niederlanden.
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Bisher haben folgende Bürgermeister unterzeichnet:
Bei der UNO in Wien
Tomihisa Taue, Nagasaki, Japan; Bernd Strauch, Hannover, Deutschland; Thore Vestby, Frogn, Norwegen; Luc Dehaene, Ypern, Begien; Carme Barbany, Granolers, Spanien

Auf der Radtour
Peter Seyfried, Mutlangen; Richard Arnold, Schwäbisch Gmünd; Andreas Stanicki, Schorndorf; Andreas Hesky, Waiblingen; Werner Wölfle, Stuttgart; Martin Wolff, Bretten; Franz Schaidhammer, Wiesloch; Eckehart Würzner, Heidelberg; Gabriele Thirion-Brenneisen, Mannheim; Jochen Partsch, Darmstadt; Michael Ebling, Mainz; Dr. Franz-Georg Rips, Erftstadt; Theo Kelchtermans, Peer


Bicycle Tour:
May 17th - June 4th

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Mai 2010 – Bei der Überprüfungskonferenz in New York.
März / April 2010 – Next Stop New York.
Mobilisierung vor der Überprüfungskonferenz des Atomwaffensperrvertrages.

The 6th April 2010
Lord Mayor
Eckart Würzner
Received us
in the Heidelberg Town Hall.

The 3rd April 2010
Easter march in Ellwangen.

23. March 2010
Between stops at the
UN Organization in Bonn.

22. March 2010
Harald Birkenkamp Mayor and Jochen Petzschmann, member of the
Local Agenda 21,
received us at the
Town Hall in Ratingen.

„Mayors for Peace“: Station in Ratingen
On Monday Mayor Birkenkamp recieved Briggite Schlupp-Wick and Wolfgang Schlupp-Hauck who are at present under the slogan „Our Future Nuclear weapon free-Next stop New York 2010“cycling through as many Mayors for Peace towns as possible. Ratingen is one of altogether 3000 Mayors of Peace cities worldwide which speak out for a consistent prohibition of nuclear weapons. The backround of the German cycling tour -their photo documation will then be passed on to the German minister of foreign affairs Guido Westerwelle- is the New York conference in May 2010 where it will be decided how far the idea for a world without weapons has advanced.

22. March 2010
Jürgen Roter Lord Mayor was one of the first to sign the Appeal for a world without nuclear weapons. He invited us to a reception at the Town Hall were his deputy Mayor Elfi Scho-Antwerpes and Members of the Cologne work group Hiroshima-Nagasaki and Bike for Peace and New Energies also came to the Town Hall to greet us

22. March 2010
Just before Bonn a group of cyclists were waiting to join us on the last few kilometers. Horst Naaß the Mayor came to greet us at the info stand of the Bonn Peace Initiative on the Rheinpromanade.

Here are extracts of his speech:
Dear Mrs Schlupp-Wick Dear Mr Schlupp- dear members of the council and the Bonn Peace Initiative I am pleased that the Tandem Campaign route On the way for Zero Option as part of the campaign Our Future Nuclear weapon free-Next Stop New York made a stop over here in Bonn today. Bonn being an UNO city persistently engages itself in the protection of peace and freedom in world. To underline this councilors of Bonn signed its membership in the initiative Mayors For Peace in November last year The fact that there are so many councilors and peace political initiatives here today shows that we take our membership seriously. The only way to make this a peaceful world without weapons is when a great many people persistently campaign for peace and disarmament Here I see the special responsibility of the municipalities Mrs Schlupp-Wicck and Mr Sclupp-Hauck I wish you for your planed journey in summer via Vienna and Istanbul and then onto Teheran success and stamina and that you are able talk to and convince many people on the way.

21. March 2010
We leave from the Lichtburg on our bikes.

21. March 2010
Konstantin Wecker says Good bye.

21. March 2010
At the closing matinee of the congress Peace Culture 2010 our Future Nuclear weapon free in Essen with Konstantin Wecker. We were asked onto the stage. The moderator Manni Breuckmann asked us about the routes we are taking on our tandem to the German Mayors of Peace in the campaign Next Stop New York.

20. March 2010
On the occasion of the congress Mayors for Peacethe Lord Mayor of Essen Reihnard Pass became a member and we presented him with a local sign for the campaign Next Stop New York.

The 3rd March 2010
Brigitte and Wolfgang
with the Lord Mayor
of Schorndorf
Mattias Klopfer in the Manufaktur.

Start of the Campaign
„NEXT STOP NEW YORK” with the Mayor of Mutlangen Peter Seyfried.