On the road for a world without nukes

17th May - 04 June 2012
27th July 2011 - 20th August 2011
19th July 2010 - 26 November 2010 / January 2011
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Offener Brief an NATO-Generalsekretär Rasmussen
Übergabe in Brüssel am 4. Juni, vor einem Gespräch mit den NATO-Botschaftern von Deutschland, Belgien und den Niederlanden.
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Bisher haben folgende Bürgermeister unterzeichnet:
Bei der UNO in Wien
Tomihisa Taue, Nagasaki, Japan; Bernd Strauch, Hannover, Deutschland; Thore Vestby, Frogn, Norwegen; Luc Dehaene, Ypern, Begien; Carme Barbany, Granolers, Spanien

Auf der Radtour
Peter Seyfried, Mutlangen; Richard Arnold, Schwäbisch Gmünd; Andreas Stanicki, Schorndorf; Andreas Hesky, Waiblingen; Werner Wölfle, Stuttgart; Martin Wolff, Bretten; Franz Schaidhammer, Wiesloch; Eckehart Würzner, Heidelberg; Gabriele Thirion-Brenneisen, Mannheim; Jochen Partsch, Darmstadt; Michael Ebling, Mainz; Dr. Franz-Georg Rips, Erftstadt; Theo Kelchtermans, Peer


Bicycle Tour:
May 17th - June 4th

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Activity Report of the Bicycle Tandem Tour: Global Zero Now by Brigitte Schlupp-Hauck and Wolfgang Schlupp-Hauck

For all meetings which we had we spoke to the following topics and asked for support:
  • 2020 Vision Campaign and the immediate start of Negotiations for a Nuclear Weapons Convention, including an extraordinary meeting in 2011.
  • We spoke about the nuclear sharing in NATO and the demand to end it. We pointed out that it is in Germany part of the coalition agreement of the current government and approved by a resolution by the parliament. We highlighted the importance for the demand for a withdrawal of the nuclear warheads in Europe in the time of the discussion of the renewal of the NATO-Strategy.

Germany We met with the following members of Mayors for Peace.

Before our start:
Mutlangen, Mayor Peter Seyfried, and
Stuttgart, Mayor Klaus Peter Murawski.

We started July 19th. On our tour we met the Mayor or a deputy of:
Schwäbisch Gmünd, Lord Mayor Richard Arnold,
Göppingen, Lord Mayor Guido Till,
Heiningen, Mayor Norbert Aufrecht, and
Passau, Mayor Urban Mangold

The Mayors for Peace of Ulm, Ivo Gönner, and Neu Ulm, Gerold Nörenberg decided not to meet us. We met with members of the City Council of the Green Party.

Additionally we met the Mayor Josef Thalhammer in Niederalteich. He is not yet member of Mayors for Peace, but interested to join.

Media in Germany:
The lokal Newspaper „Rems Zeitung” of Schwäbisch Gmünd published 15 reports about our travel. The local newspapers on the route reported about our trip and the meetings.
The weekly Newspaper „Die Zeit” published an Interview about our tour.

We cycled through Austria from July to August 1st. We had receptions with Mayors for Peace in Linz, Vice Mayor Christine Dolezal,
Krems Mayor Ingeborg Rinke and Councellor Karl Heinz Hagmann

We stayed in Vienna for more the fist two weeks in August and had meetings with:

Vienna Evelyn Wenighofer, of the Chief Executive Office - International Relations and the UN- Ambassadors of Germany, Turkey and Iran.

We participated in the commemoration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

We left Vienna by boat on the Danube to Budapest.

Media in Austria:
The press offices of the cities published news releases. Which were taken up by Internet Media and possibly by ohters.

From Budapest we cycled to Vaskut, which is the twin village of Mutlangen. We were received there by Mayor Zoltan Alszegi.

The local newspaper of Vaskut one regional television and one Internet TV reported about our visit in Vaskut.

From Hungary we cycled to Serbia and Bulgaria, where we made no political meetings.

We arrived in Turkey at Vize September 10th of September. With our tandem we cycled to Istanbul. Due to wild dogs we made then a round trip by ship, bus and train through Turkey back to Istanbul. October 21th we left via Greece for Italy, as the journey to Iran was canceled.

For all meetings which we had we spoke to the above mentioned topics 2020 Vision Campaign and Nuclear Sharing. As in Turkey the government plans to built a nuclear power plant the topic of peaceful use was brought up from our Turkish partners during the exchange. So we spoke also about the need of promoting renewable energies.

We met Mayors for Peace in Bursa and Nevsehir.
In Bursa we were received by Mr. Abdullah Koradag, Deputy Mayor of the Bursa metropolitan municipality. He expressed the support for our aims to reach a nuclear free world and underlined the need to go forward with the mentioned steps. He pointed out, that also the question of Nuclear Energy has to be addressed, as this is a discussion in Turkey now because of the plans to built a nuclear power plant. We stated, that nuclear Energy is not an outspoken topic for Mayors for Peace. But from our private point of view we would encourage cities to support the use of renewable energies in any way they can do this. We were told, that Bursa just had consultation about it, and we were promised to see windmills and solar cells in Bursa on our next visit.

The press office of the municipality made a press release, so that the news about our visit was spread in Newspapers and Internet media. In Nevsehir we met with Mayor Hasan Ünver. He told us, that he was 2005 in New York. We realized that Nevsehir had a great international conference about municipality and peace, where followups could not be organized due to the financial situation. Mayor Ünver said, that he supports our goal. In the talk with him we came also to the point for nuclear energy and renewable like in Bursa. We also got to know, that there is a school partnership between Schwäbisch Gmünd and Nevsehir. We promised to follow up this link after our return to home. The press office also made a press release.

We met with Mayors in Aydinlar, Sariyer and Saricam ( for Incirlic).
Aydinlar was a meeting just by chance, as the village has no Hotel and we were referred to the Mayor, to sleep in the community building, wit our own sleeping bags.
In Sariyer we got contact by a friend, who is active in the CHP, the Party founded by Atta Türk. Sariyer organizes each Year on September 1st a Peace festival with 30.000 Participants. We are invited to report next year. There is interest, to join Mayors for Peace.
The municipality of Incirlic, where there is the Turkish deployment site of US nuclear Weapons, was member of Mayors for Peace, but due to a reform it is no longer a self reliant municipality. It is together now with two others no represented by the Saricam Belediyesi. We spoke with the Deputy Mayor Ali Acembekiroglu and there is interest to continue the member ship.

We got no contact with Mayors for Peace in Istanbul and Ankara.
In Istanbul and Ankara to our e-mail contacts we got no reply. Our phone calls were answered that we will hear back, if a meeting in possible. But we never got an answer, even if in both Cities two time frames had been possible and they were informed by the 2020 Vision Campaign office.

We met two Parliamentarians and Advisors of the National Assembly of Turkey.
Contacts to the National Turkey Assembly we got through the Sariyer branch of the Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi (CHP) and through personal contacts by a German diplomat who made contact to the advisor of a member of the ruling party Adalet ve Kalkinma Partisi (AKP).
We met Cetin Soysal from the CHP, who is very much engaged in Human Rights aspects.
We were received by M. Salih Erdogan from the AKP.
We spoke with both parliamentarians about the Nuclear Weapons Convention and the Nuclear Sharing. We invited both to join PNND.

We met with members of the „Coalition for Peace and Justice” and „Green Peace” and of the „EDP”.
We realized that in Turkey there is not such an NGO work for Peace like we now from home. Political Work is mostly done in parties. We had contacts with members of the Coalition for Peace and Justice, who organizes the protests at Incirlic and two stuff members of Green Peace. They made contacts to members in Adana which are active in the new founded party Esitlik ve Demokrasi Partisi (EDP). They gave us a tremendous support: we had a meeting in the party office with press, we were shown Incirlic Airbase with press they organized the meeting with the Vice Mayor of and a live TV-broadcasting about our tour.

Media coverage of or Travel
Our travel was well reported in Turkish Media. Starting with local reports in Sariyer, Bursa and Nevsehir in Newspapers and Internet Media. In Adana our trip was reported on the front page had of the nation wide distributed Adana Newspaper. We got a 30 minutes live Television broadcast by Chanel A. We did not get response by German correspondents.

Why we did not go to Iran
We got confidential security warnings by phone and discussed it with friends of the peace movement. We read in the newspapers that two German Journalist were just arrested in Iran. The visa procedure was intransparent for us. We did not get in the promised time a confirmation code to get the visa.
Only the Municipality of Esfahan was replying to our request for a meeting and promised to set up a program for us. From Teheran and Qom we got no answer. Ambassador Soltanieh promised to make contacts in Iran for us, but there were no results reported. Out of the warnings and the news of arrested German journalists and the unclear situation with whom we would be able to speak – we decided not to travel to Iran.

We decided to visit Italy as nuclear sharing country
To continue our tour by bicycle we traveled to Italy.
We arrived there by ferry boat on October 25th. We cycled in North Italy and we visited the deployment sites of Aviano and Ghedi. For our tour we were strongly supported by Lisa Clark (Beati e Construttori di Pace).

Organized by the Party Sinistra Ecologia e Libertà in the Provincia Treviso we met in one meeting with press:
the Mayor of Ponzano, Giorgio Granello, representing President of the Province, Leonardo Muraro,
the Counselors Stefano Dall’Agata et Luca De Marco,
Gabriele Mattiuzzo, representing the Mayor of Carbonera and
Elena Mattiuzzo, representing the Mayor of Maserada sul Piave.

We had meetings with:
the Mayor of Aviano Syndaco Der Cont Bernard and Asseore Valentino de Piante,
the Mayor of Carbonera Syndaco Fabiano Bonato and Counselor Gabriele Mittiuzzu,
the Deputy Mayor of Ghedi Gianluigi Boselli and
Carla Bottazzi of the International Affairs Office of the Provincia de Milano

Returning to Germany
With the train we returned home November 20th.

Plans to visit Belgium and Netherlands
In January we plan to travel once again, so that we have been to all nuclear deployment sites on NATO's nuclear sharing.

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Read the
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